Return Policy

"Langley Goods is a small home business. We hope you can understand our strict return policy as your order is one of a kind to you, and us. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and bringing back memories of our community. In doing so, we're sure you can understand how unique each order is. Each order is printed on demand specifically for you. As such we ask you please be sure of your shipping address, and product selection. If you're unhappy with your order we ask you to return it for an exchange, store credit, or refund. However, due to overhead, we cannot honor returns for shipping mishaps on the part of the customer. We hope you can understand. Thank you for supporting Langley Goods and thank you for supporting Whitehall."

- Kyle Boggs

- Owner


Returns will not be honored after 30 days of order date.

Returns or refunds will not be honored if orders have "wrong address" or "refused delivery" as reasons delivery was not completed.